IPM in Museen

 Integrated Pest Management


The company is specialised on monitoring and consultation on prevention and treatment methods. Early detection of an infestation is crucial to prevent damage to the objects, all further actions are more efficient and help to save costs and time. The localization of an infestation (object or within the building) is simplified with the monitoring. Many publications in the last years could show this advantage. Within Integrated Pest Management a close cooperation with the museum and conservators is needed to get best result. Also museum staff within the building facilities, curators, cleaning staff or librarians should be part of the IPM. All persons regularly handling objects nned to be sensibalised.

With the close cooperation between the museum and the company, problems are discovered early, can be treated fast and efficiently and damage can be prevented in the future. Training of museum staff in IPM is another important part to optimise the protection of the collection.

We provide the following services

  • Reporting after a visit about an infestation or treatment.
  • Regular checking of traps (monitoring).
  • Identification of insect pests.
  • Monitoring of treatments with life test insects.
  • Consultation about the climate, the building and cleaning.
  • Consultation to plan new museums, storages and treatment facilities.
  • Consultation for moving large collections to new storage sites.
  • Workshops on IPM (for conservators, cleaning staff etc.).
  • Scientific analysis and publication of data.
  • Climate measurements.

Infested exhibits

Integrated Pest Management is